Execution of water and utility installations and installations of equipment in both industrial and residential buildings.
For industrial and utility facilities such as wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, water tanks and similar structures, we provide complete installation of mechanical and technological equipment (pumps, mixers, valves...), manufacture and install all necessary installations (pipelines, platforms, ladders, fences...), and if necessary, we also install measuring equipment.
We are experts in working with all types of stainless steel (inox), we have top welders and highly resourceful installers. We will surprise you with ingenious solutions that, despite their apparent simplicity, give very high-quality results. Therefore, we invite you to contact us already during the design phase.
In addition we also prepare complete electrical cabinets and programming of operating logic for small wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and similar facilities.
We also perform initial installations or renovations of plumbing and heating systems in residential buildings, and by agreement we also undertake comprehensive renovations. 

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