Conversion of existing boilers with top-quality Fenix™ pellet burners
Fenix™ is a brand of the company Inovateh, which in the last 10 years has become synonym for quality in the field of heating with wood pellets.
Fenix™ pellet burners are designed for all owners of single-family houses who want to switch to heating with wood pellets in an easy, affordable and still reliable way.
The burners offer the possibility of converting existing boilers either for solid fuels or special boilers for fuel oil. They are available together with a transporter and a storage tank. We also offer high-quality installation, professional start-up, and responsive service.
Larger capacity burners (50 - 150 kW) are also available for larger consumers such as commercial buildings, sports and exhibition halls, greenhouses, bakeries, and similar.
Under the Fenix™ brand, Inovateh has also developed comprehensive systems for central heating with wood pellets (combination of boiler with a pellet burner, transporter and pellet storage tank in various sizes and configurations.
In addition, a hot air wood pellet stove (Thermogen) has also been developed, which is absolutely ideal for heating various spaces such as workshops, warehouses, tents and smaller greenhouses.
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